Concierge Medicine is a form of membership in which clients receive an exceptionally high level of service from their primary care physician. This includes 24/7 access, preventive care, health screenings, a plan for wellness, nutrition and fitness, and coordination of referrals to specialists, as needed.

Because Dr. Bandeira sees fewer patients every day than a traditional primary care doctor, he has more time to dedicate to each individual. In exchange for this enhanced access, Dr. Bandeira receives an annual fee which enables him to decrease the need for a large patient panel, and increase the amount of time spent with each individual. This model of practice provides both physician and patient with more quality time together, not only to delve into complex issues, but to focus on disease prevention and proactive wellness.

There is no substitute for a doctor who knows you well and has only your best interest at heart. As your personal physician, Dr Bandeira will focus on what is best for you and you alone.

“Concierge Medicine puts patients where they belong — at the center of the healthcare experience,” states Dr. Bandeira.

Dr Bandeira’s fellowship training in Geriatric Medicine is very specialized, and tailored to the physical, mental, social and emotional needs of those over 65. Of course, some non-geriatrician physicians do a wonderful job of managing their elderly patients, using skills they have acquired through clinical experience and most doctors in the area mention “geriatric medicine” in the services they provide since most of their patients are of geriatric age (>65). However, there are essential and critical differences which distinguish a geriatrician.

Geriatricians have three important skill sets that many other physicians lack:

  • Training in detecting and treating aging-related physiological changes and clinical syndromes, as well as working effectively with team-based care and multiple systems of care for older adults
  • A clinical focus that emphasizes functional status and an integrative approach to managing health
  • A focus on shared decision-making guided by patient goals and preferences

“As a geriatrician, I enjoy taking care of older patients and their families, and I believe that quality of life is the measure of success,” states Dr Bandeira.

How does Premier Medical Concierge combine Internal Medicine with Geriatric Medicine?

An annual comprehensive wellness exam is the cornerstone of your personalized wellness plan, created to help you feel your best. This includes a comprehensive and integrative approach that focuses on four lifestyle pillars: quality of life, preserving functional independence, enhancing cognitive health, and optimizing emotional well-being.

The geriatric assessment is designed to evaluate an older individual’s functional ability, physical, cognitive and mental health, and socio-environmental circumstances. It differs from a standard medical evaluation by including nonmedical domains; by emphasizing functional capacity and quality of life, and often incorporating a multidisciplinary team, as needed. Additionally, the use of well-validated tools and survey instruments allow for a more complete and relevant list of medical, functional, and psychosocial issues that are important to the individual as a whole.

Yes, Dr. Bandeira is Board-certified in Internal Medicine and is trained in the diagnosis and treatment of acute medical conditions, as well as the management of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, hypertension, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, COPD/asthma, GERD, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. His strong focus on disease prevention, health screening, health maintenance, counseling and education is directed at helping you optimize your health for years to come.

At Premier Medical Concierge, you can expect personalized, patient-centered, comprehensive care that reflects the way concierge medicine should be practiced. Prompt, direct and easy access to Dr Bandeira provides, an unhurried encounter with extended time during each visit, with a strong focus on health, wellness and overall quality of life.

Like many other medical concierge physicians, Dr. Bandeira has decided to opt out of insurance plans. This makes visiting the office hassle-free. There are no co-pays or charges for his services outside of your annual membership fee. Any labs, medications, ancillary testing, referral to specialists, requests for durable medical equipment, home healthcare, and physical/occupational therapy orders are still covered under your primary and supplemental insurance plans. This means the lab, pharmacy, imaging center, specialist, or home health agency bills your insurance directly.

One of the greatest advantages of concierge medicine is the ease of communication. Typically Dr. Bandeira will provide his patients with his cell phone number for urgent after-hours concerns, even on weekends. Also patients can communicate non-urgent matters via text message, e-mail, or regular telephone communication. Video conferencing is another useful tool that Dr. Bandeira may use to communicate with patients when they don’t need to come to the office, but require more interaction than a phone call or text.

Yes, if you have a need to see a specialist, Dr. Bandeira and his staff will help you identify the most appropriate specialist, provide a referral and help facilitate scheduling.

Dr. Joseph Bandeira will provide Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine services to members as their primary care physician, or at the Member’s request he will act as Geriatric Medicine Consultant only, thereby allowing the Member to maintain an ongoing relationship with his or her general practitioner while receiving subspecialty geriatric care.