“Dr Bandeira, you have a caring way about you, and you are a healer. I felt it the moment I met you.” – Gita R.

Rebecca S.

“Thanks for getting me off the wrong stuff, and on the correct medication to help me sleep. I’m rested in the morning, and don’t drag my feet to the coffee maker anymore.” – Chad D.

Chad D.

“Thank you for saving my mother’s life. We had no idea why she was becoming so weak, falling frequently, and eating poorly. When we took her to our primary care doc, he attributed it to her age (Mom’s 92) and told my brother and I to “get her house in order.” I’m glad we brought her to you. After asking some strategic questions and a physical exam, you discovered it was the 3 different antihypertensive medications she was on that was dropping her blood pressure dramatically when she stood. You called her cardiologist and worked together with him to eliminate one med and reduce the dose of a second. I’m happy to say mom is now back to her usual self, no longer complains of dizziness, has not had any falls, and is back to work as everyone’s favorite receptionist at my dental practice. Thanks Dr Bandeira!” – Dr Peter S.

Joan K.

“I’m 82 years old, and still swim 30 laps/day, golf 3 times/week, and just started dating again. I was referred by my daughter to see Dr Bandeira, but my initial reaction was that I did not need a geriatric specialist. After having met him, I now understand that he is what I’m all about—healthy aging! Thanks Dr B.! With you, I’m ready to hit 100! ” – Sandra B.

Maureen M.